Michael Hödl



My name is Michael Hödl and I am currently working at the department of social and economic history in Vienna on my PhD thesis. I started studying physics in 2010 at the technical university of Vienna, soon realizing I am more into the humanities. I started to study philosophy and soon after that history, where I found my true passion. In my work I try to combine my mathematical and philosophical background.

Research interests: I am interested in the economic history of the 19th and 20th century – especially in the economic development of cities and western countries. I am also interested in the development of working conditions and the relationship between workers, artisans and businesses.


Current research project: Vienna's changing business landscape from the 19th to the 20th century
In this project I focus on the business registrations of the city of Vienna from 1892 to 1970. In this time span all newly registered businesses of the city are released in the cities newspaper. I work with programs like Transkribus and QGIS to create a database on individual business level. This will be the starting point for further research questions such as the after war business development or the spatial distribution of businesses in Vienna through time.