Sandra Wabnitz

Porträt von Sandra Wabnitz


From 2012 onwards, I studied Sinology, History (BA) and Historical Research, Auxiliary Sciences of History and Archival Studies (MA) at the University of Vienna. 2020 I graduated with a thesis about the representation of "barbarians" in early medieval Latin and Chinese historiography. I am currently a Prae-doc researcher on the ERC Synergy Grant HistoGenes at the Institute of Austrian Historical Research at the University of Vienna.

Research interests: historiography - medieval, cultural history, social history, Eurasian steppe peoples

Current research project: Within my research project "Horse Lords of the Steppe: A Comparison of Latin, Greek, and Chinese Accounts on Steppe Peoples, 4th-9th c." I analyse and compare ethnographic reports on steppe peoples in Latin, Greek, and Chinese written accounts between the 4th and 9th centuries CE, concentrating mainly on historiographical sources. My project seeks to explore and compare the literary discourse on steppe peoples from ethnographic accounts regarding significant themes that reflect key elements in the culture of a given society (religious beliefs, social hierarchy, marriage customs, gendered roles, etc.).