Penelope Faithfull


2021 – current: PhD researcher, Communal Art – Reconceptualising Metrical Epigraphy Network (CARMEN ITN), Institute of Ancient History, Classical Studies, Papyrology and Epigraphy, University of Vienna; Title: War and Peace. Military Lives and Identities in Latin Verse Inscriptions

2019 – 2020: MA Medieval Studies, University of Exeter; Thesis: Oath Breaker: Investigating Possible Reasons Why Stephen Seized the English Crown in 1135

2017 – 2019: BA Classics, University of Reading; Thesis: The Hunting of the Gerundive: What Are the Definitions of Gerunds, Gerundives, and Their Associated Constructions

Research interests: Roman Imperial army; Latin verse, particularly Carmina Latina Epigraphica; Latin philology; Development and evolution of Latin; Latin abbreviations; Medieval Latin; Medieval South West England