Lewis Read

(c) Lewis Read


Department of History

Lewis Read completed his undergraduate degree in Medieval History at the University of St Andrews in 2019 and remained in St Andrews to study for an MLitt in Middle Eastern History and Arabic, which he completed in 2020. Lewis' research specialises in medieval Armenia from the fifth to eleventh century and explores the use of digital tools for the study of Armenian manuscripts.

Lewis is currently a project research assistant on the ERC project RELEVEN with responsibility for Armenian and Eastern Christian source material. Working with Armenian manuscript colophons from the eleventh century, his PhD thesis examines Armenian-Byzantine relations between 1071 and 1095. As part of his doctoral research, Lewis is also working on a digital edition of eleventh-century Armenian colophons.

Research interests: Medieval Armenia, Byzantium, Digital Tools for Manuscript Studies

Current research project: Maintaining Contact or Losing Touch?: Armenians and the Byzantine Empire 1071-1095.