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The University of Vienna and the Central European University (CEU) have agreed to offer a mutual exchange program. Master students and PhD candidates who are enrolled in a master or doctoral program are eligible to complete courses at the respective partner institution. ECTS credit points can be recognized for the degree program at the respective home university.

Master and PhD candidates need to apply as non-degree exchange students. You can find a detailed description of the application process including all deadlines and required documents for Master students here and for PhD candidates here.

Information for Master students and PhD candidates of the University of Vienna who plan to attend courses at CEU in the Winter term (teaching takes place from 9 January to 31 March 2023) 

The original application deadline has passed (12 December 2022). However, CEU is happy to extend the deadline to 4 January 2023 for our PhD candidates who want to attend courses at the Department of Medieval Studies and the Department of History in the Winter term starting on 9 January 2023.

Students interested in applying should contact Zsuzsanna Bukta direktly. She will guide them through the process to fast-track approve the applications, in order to facilitate that students can start taking courses in the second week of January.

The schedule of courses offered by the History Department (Winter term) can be found here.

The schedule of courses offered by the Medieval Studies Department (Winter term) can be found here.

For individual course descriptions search the course title on the Course Hub page

Important: Master students and PhD candidates can sign up for any "elective" course. In the History Schedule, this includes all courses that are NOT marked in colors. In the Medieval Studies Schedule, elective courses are shown as “elective”.