Emily Genatowski

Portrait Emily Genatowski


Emily holds a Bachelor's degree in History from Columbia University and a Master’s degree in Museum Studies from Harvard University.  She worked at the Smithsonian Institute & The Frick Collection and later at Google as the North American Coordinator of Google Arts & Culture. She founded a non-profit, Global Art Access, which digitizes artwork in private collections and partners with research repositories to create access to the digital files.

Research interests: Emily is interested in the democratizing power of technology in the Digital Age. She is focused specifically on the intersection between data analysis and historiography within the confines of contemporary history.

Current research project: Emily’s current research is focused on the use of open source intelligence and data analysis in the process of recording contemporary history.  Her case studies are focused on the war of Russian aggression in Ukraine and the use of satellite imagery, flight radars and geolocation data from mobile applications as means of corroboration of official state media.  Emily hopes to contribute towards a unified and standardized method for recording contemporary history which utilizes the incredible amounts of data created by the public in an effort to democratize and increase the accuracy of historical records.