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ORCID: 0000-0002-6055-9557

Anastassiya Schacht studied English, German, and Historical Literary Studies at the Orenburg University (Russia), and subsequently majored in English Linguistics and Global History at the University of Vienna. In History, she worked with the theories of Cultural Otherness, transformation processes, Soviet and Postcolonial Studies. She was a project coordinator for Vienna Doctoral School „Theory and Methodology in the Humanities“ as well as „Vienna Anthropocene Network“. She is affiliated with several working groups on History of Science, History of Psychiatry, Cold War Studies, and East European History and was awarded the university’s scholarship for the her current PhD-research. 

Research Interests: Cultural Otherness, transformation processes, Soviet and Postcolonial Studies

Current Research Project: Her PhD-project explores how the conflict around the political abuse of psychiatry in the 1970-1980-s evolved, intertwined with tensions of the Cold War, shaped governmental strategies and professional agendas. A. Schacht analyses the strategies of self-construction and legitimization within international psychiatric network in the late Cold War era. Ultimately, this project sheds light upon the issue of scholarly autonomy and responsibility, as well as state involvement with science in authoritarian regimes.

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