Deborah Müller



Deborah Mueller is a PhD student focusing on the history, theory, and criticism of modern and contemporary art. Her research interests include postmedium practices, image-text-relations, and the intersection of art and ecology.
Her dissertation explores aspects of transformation in Joan Jonas’s Oeuvre. Prior to her PhD, she worked at Portikus in Frankfurt/Main where most recently she co-organized the exhibition Jochen Lempert (2022, with Yasmil Raymond).

She has also contributed to the exhibitions Pope.L. Misconceptions, Lydia Ourahmane. Survival in the Afterlife, and Willem de Rooij. Pierre Verger in Suriname at Portikus (2021–2022}as well as to Rita McBride. Explorer at WIELS Contemporary Art Center in Brussels (2017). Deborah Mueller studied in Bern, Freiburg/Breisgau, Paris, and Zurich and graduated from University of Basel with a M.A. in Art History and Philosophy in 2021, with a thesis on Dutch-Surinamese Fluxus and conceptual artist Stanley Brouwn.