Stephanie Rieder-Zagkla

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Stephanie Rieder-Zagkla is a doctoral fellow (Projektmitarbeiterin) at the Department of History of the University of Vienna. She studied law and history at the University of Vienna, while also working as a legal assistant at a law firm. In 2019 she was awarded a three-year DOC-team scholarship from the Austrian Academy of Sciences, which supports her collaborative work with historians and sociologists on the interdisciplinary project Doing Divorce: Divorce Proceedings from the Eighteenth Century to the Present. In 2020/21 she was a Junior Fellow at the International Research Center for Cultural Studies at the University of Art and Design Linz in Vienna.

Research interests: History of Sexuality, Womens and Gender History, History of Law

Current research project“Sexuality, Marriage, Court: Talking about Sexuality in Matrimonial Court Records, 1783–1938“

This interdisciplinary project focuses on matrimonial court records from the regions of Vienna and Lower Austria from 1783 to 1938. Matrimonial court records mention various aspects of marital and extramarital sexuality, ranging from the marital obligation to have sexual intercourse, sexual violence in marriage or adultery to sexually transmitted diseases or contraceptive practices. This project aims to investigate the way various individuals addressed, problematized and (re)negotiated different aspects of marital and extramarital sexuality in civil courts. With the help of new sources, the project contributes to our better understanding of sexuality and its historical changeability. It also sheds light on continuities and discontinuities in the way people talked about sexuality over a timespan of 150 years.


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