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I am a PhD student working as a University Assistant at the Department of Prehistory and Historical Archaeology. In 2021, I received my master’s degree from the University of Vienna, analysing two block-excavated child burials from the Middle Neolithic Lengyel Culture. 
My main research interests include landscape archaeology and geoarchaeology as well as formation processes and human-landscape interactions. My PhD project focuses on modelling and reconstructing landscape change and evolution of and around Middle Neolithic sites from their construction until the present. I enjoy fieldwork and desktop-based work in equal measures and like to collaborate with colleagues from different (sub-)disciplines, which is a great way for continuously broadening my horizon.  

Research interests: Landscape Archaeology and Geoarchaeology, Formation Processes, Human-Landscape Interactions, Landscape Reconstruction, Prehistoric Archaeology

Current research project: Life of a Landscape. An Archaeological Landscape Biography of the Kreuttal Microregion in Lower Austria 


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