DSHCS Travel Grant

The Doctoral School of Historical and Cultural Studies promotes the international mobility of its fellows. It offers travel grants to fund research trips and presentations at international conferences outside of Vienna which are relevant for their dissertation projects.


promotion of the international mobility of highly qualified doctoral candidates



Fellows of the DSHCS

  • whose supervisor is based at the University of Vienna,
  • who have a profile on our website,
  • who participate in the DSHCS's activities
  • who have passed the FÖP, signed a doctoral thesis agreement, and 
  • who have submitted a progress report each year.

In exceptional cases, the DSHCS funds necessary travels before the FÖP

Form & Amount & Refund

The DSHCS awards travel grants (transportation, accommodation, conference fees) up to the amount of

  • max. 300 Euro for destinations up to 750 km away (e.g. Austria or neighboring countries)
  • max. 600 Euros for destinations farther away than 750 km (beeline oneway)

If your destination is very far away or very costly, please do get in contact. Check out also additional funding opportunities, e.g. the program Internationale Kommunikation of the ÖFG. For long-term research trips, apply for a Short-Term Grants Abroad from the University's International Office. for a GO.INVESTIGATIVO Grant from the OEAW, or for a Marietta Blau Grant from the OEAD.

The DSHCS cannot fund meals, upgrades, and cab rides.

Expenses can be reimbursed after the trip and upon the presentation of original invoices and a short report (one page).


three times a year at your research cluster.

  • deadlines: October 31; March 31; June 31

The application must be submitted at least two weeks before departure and must contain the following documents (as ONE PDF file)

  • completed and signed application form including a letter of motivation and a cost calculation 
  • CV
  • and (if applicable) a conference program with a letter of invitation

We accept only complete applications, which are submitted in a timely manner, and inform you within two weeks about the decision. 

For further questions contact the spokesmen of your research cluster, send an email to dshcs.hkw@univie.ac.at or call 01 4277-40008

How to get a refund

To get a refund from the DSHCS is easy:

Employees of the University of Vienna submit upon return a short report to dshcs.hkw@univie.ac.at and all invoices, confirmations of payment, tickets and boarding passes up to the amount the spokesperson of your research cluster communicated to you to the University's Q-Flow in hrfi.univie.ac.at. As institution select the Dean's office of the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies 400 (aka Dekanat der historisch-kulturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät), as cost center DocHistKult 840001. The contact person is a member of the administrative staff of your department.

If you are not an employee, send a short report and all your invoices, confirmations of payment, tickets and boarding passes as one PDF file for each cost category (travels, conference fees, accommodation etc.) together with information on your private address and your bank account to dshcs.hkw@univie.ac.at.

Information for flights: The refund of flights is reduced by the University's flight tax (20% of the ticket price, but at least 50 Euros)

Important: Take care to keep all invoices, confirmations of payments, tickets and boarding passes until you receive your refund.