Activities & Events Winter Term 2022/23

Colloquia & Seminars

The DSHCS offers colloquia and seminars to all doctoral candidates of the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies. Courses aim to train doctoral candidates to become independently and critically thinking researchers who conduct cutting-edge research on the basis of thorough methodological and theoretical reflection. 

Studierende diskutieren


Activities in Research Clusters

Students are encouraged to set up and join working groups to collaborate on topics, methods, and projects of common interest. Working groups provide an opportunity for students to develop an agenda for themselves, and moreover to benefit from peer-to-peer learning and open and flexible modes of working. The Doctoral School supports student's initiatives organizationally and financially.

DSHCS Workshops

Each semester,. the DSHCS offers workshops on academic writing, methodology, transferable skills, and career development which focus on the specific needs of doctoral candidates in the humanities.


Podcast Doctor it!

The podcast of PhD candidates in the humanities and the social sciences at the University of Vienna

Workshops @ Center for Doctoral Studies

Every semester, workshops on topics such as literature research and management, academic writing and publishing, time and project management etc. are offered. 


alte Nike Laufschuhe

DSHCS Running Club

Mens sana in corpore sano - wir freuen, dass es jetzt einen Running Club an der DSHCS gibt! Alle Läufer*innen, langsame, schnelle, alte und junge sind willkommen!