DSHCS Event Grant

The Doctoral School of Historical and Cultural Studies and the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies promote team spirit and intellectual exchange among its members and beyond. They invite fellows of the DSHCS to apply for event grants to fund lectures, workshops, small conferences, and retreats. Innovative online formats are welcome! Consideration will be given to events that are targeted at interests and needs of fellows. They are especially encouraged to conceptualize, plan and realize their ideas. 


The program aims at internal networking, the establishment of the DSHCS and its members within the academic community, and the training of conceptual and organizational skills of its fellows. Innovative online formats are especially encouraged to apply.


Fellows of the DSHCS who participate in the DSHCS's activities (e.g. organization or at least regular attendance at one of event within the DSHCS) and have a profile on our website; applying organization teams should at least include two fellows.




Depends on event format

Time frame

One month after the funded event took place, the organization team sends a report to the DSHCS including a statement to what extent the event had the envisioned effect and how they plan to consolidate and intensify the outcome (special edition of a journal, (funding) application, cooperation, ...)


Fellows apply for event grants only at the DSHCS and not at the Faculty! The DSHCS and the Faculty co-fund larger events together. 

How to apply

twice a year (closing dates October 31 and March 31) via email dshcs.hkw@univie.ac.at

Required documents (as ONE PDF file)

  • completed and signed application form
  • description and time schedule of the planned event date, participants, location, etc.) including an explanation how the event supports networking and promotes the reputation of the DSHCS and its members, how it takes up the interests and needs of fellows and how it is related to dissertation topics (max. 5 pages)
  • detailed budget planning
  • Curriculum vitae with details about previous academic achievements (e.g. publications, awards, conference participation), and employments

Applications by fellows require a letter of recommendation by the applicant's supervisors. It should refer to the quality and the relevance of the planned event regarding the interests of fellows, networking, and dissertation projects and a confirmation that there is no funding available from other sources (third-party funds etc.) The letter should be sent directly to dshcs.hkw@univie.ac.at

For further questions send an email to dshcs.hkw@univie.ac.at or call 01 4277-40008.