The Team of Doctor it!


Maximilian Brockhaus

producing, writing, outreach (2021–2023, founding member)

Research field: contemporary history

‘Doctor it!’ is a podcast for young academics. It’s about making ourselves heard and visible while (re)searching and finding our role in academia. At last: It's a passion project.

Ninja Bumann

producing, writing and hosting (2022-2023)

Research field: East European history

‘Doctor it!’ provides a look behind the scenes of academia. Young PhD scholars speak about their exciting, but sometimes also challenging daily tasks in their research projects.

Penelope Faithfull

writing, producing and hosting (2023–)

Research field: ancient history and studies in classical antiquity

Creative ventures such as Doctor It! enable us to see what we can do with our research beyond the books – it is another avenue of contributing to academia, especially as it explores not only academic life, but it also offers an insight into the daily life of a PhD researcher, and that makes it very valuable and exciting.

Emily Genatowski

writing, producing and hosting (2023–)

Research field: history

Angelika Hudler

producing, writing, outreach (2021-2023, founding member)

Research field: Modern Greek studies, archaeology

We build ‘Doctor it!’ from PhDialogues behind and on stage. Bringing together the collaborative spirit and individual stories of doctoral researchers is what excites me most about this project.

Angelina Illes

producing, writing and hosting (2022–2023)

Research field: art history

Aayushma KC

producing, writing and hosting (2022–)

Research field: demography

Olga Malashkina

producing (2023–)

Research field: East European history

Martin Pokorny

audio engineering and editing (2021- ,founding member)

Research field: sociology

‘Doctor it!’ is a really good opportunity to use my musician skills for something meaningful in academia and to learn a lot of new interesting things within a group of cool people.

Nadine Riegler

audio engineering, editing, producing and writing (2022–2023)

Research field: ancient history

The podcast reminds me: Doing a PhD is not a lonely (ad)venture. We are in this together.

Bernd Christoph Ströhm

producing, writing and hosting (2021–, founding member)

Research field: East European and Eurasian studies

I truly believe that the ‘Doctor it!’ podcast has unlimited potential in exploring a wide variety of unique topics with PhD researchers and academics. I personally was always interested in producing and hosting episodes with topics that capture the much sought-after ‘zeitgeist’, since we started to work on the podcast in 2021 – to facilitate discussions about issues that are relevant to society at large.

Adityo Darmawan Sudagung

audio engineering, editing, writing, producing and hosting (2023–)

Research field: development studies

Podcasts have become a popular platform for discussion in Indonesia during the Pandemic. When I first heard about Doctor it!, I thought joining the team would be a great opportunity to learn. I found out that communicating about the research and the daily life of PhD students is worth it. What I find particularly interesting is how the team reaches out to broader audiences. So, let's continue connecting the dots to our academic universe.

Rasmus Kvaal Wardemann

producing and hosting (2021-, founding member)

Research field: science and technology studies

When I started my PhD at the University of Vienna during the pandemic in 2020, I didn’t know anyone, and had no one to go to with the questions, worries and challenges that emerged through my new life as an academic. As society started opening up and I started talking to people, I realised that I wasn’t alone, and I realised how valuable it is to share our experiences. To me, ‘Doctor it!’ is a way to offer a space for conversation and sharing of experiences – a place to go to with our questions, worries and challenges.

Giorgia Zogu

producing and writing (2022–)

Research field: political science

Podcasts allow me to give voice to my passions, share knowledge, and connect with a broader audience. Each episode is an opportunity to inspire, inform, entertain and make a lasting impact with the power of podcasting.

 Outreach activities of the team of Doctor it!