Supervisors at the Research Cluster State, Politics, Governance in Historical Perspective

  • Peter Becker
    19th and 20th centuries Austrian history
  • Anna Echterhölter
    History of science
  • Johannes Feichtinger
    Modern and contemporary history, Austrian history, history of science from a global and regional perspective, memory and identity
  • Nils Güttler
    History of science and technology, environmental history, media history (19th and 20th century)
  • Valeska Huber
    International and global history, mobility and migration, international health politics, communication and global public
  • Clemens Jobst
    State, politics, and governance in historical perspective
  • Claudia Kraft
    History of state socialism in Central and Eastern Europe; gendered perspectives on statehood and bureaucracy, comparative legal history, transformation research in historical perspective
  • Börries Kuzmany
    History of Eastern Europe and the Habsburg Monarchy, nationalism and minorities studies, Jewish history, urban history; border studies
  • Wolfgang Mueller
    Soviet history; Cold War; foreign policy, history of diplomacy; history of perception; history of political thinking in Russia
  • Tim Neu
    (Early) modern history; constitutional history; history of the Old Reich; British history; history of money, finances, and credits; theory and methods of historiography 
  • Dorothe Nolde
    History of the early modern period
  • Jannis Panagiotidis
    Migration history; transnational history; German and Central European history; history of Israel
  • Bertrand Perz
    Contemporary history; dictatorship and genocide research
  • Oliver Rathkolb
    Austrian contemporary history
  • Elisabeth Röhrlich
    History of internationalen relations in the 20th century; Austrian contemporary history; history of the Cold War and of the atomic age
  • Tamara Scheer
    History of the Habsburg Monarchy; military history
  • Martin Scheutz
    Modern history; constitutional and administrative history
  • Maria Stassinopoulou
    Modern Greek Studies, Early Modern and Modern Greek History; Migration History, Film History; Cultural History of South Eastern Europe
  • Philipp Ther
    State, politics, and governance in the historical perspective
  • Kerstin von Lingen
    Contemporary history, global history, transnational history, dictatorship and genocide research, genocide research