Women’s and Gender History

Women’s and gender history at the University of Vienna is characterized by social and contemporary relevance as well as by interdisciplinarity and spatial, temporal, and thematic diversity. This is manifested in the research questions and foci of the various scholars working at practically all institutes of the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies (Institute of History, Institute for Austrian Historical Research, Eastern European History, Economic and Social History, Contemporary History, European Ethnology). There is a lively exchange of ideas and ongoing personnel cooperation with the Referat Genderforschung (Gender Research Unit) of the University of Vienna and the research platform GAIN – Gender: Ambivalent In_Visibilities, which was established in 2020. All researchers into women’s and gender history are active in the faculty research platform Women’s and Gender History as well as in various international research networks, associations and projects for science communication, etc. The high degree of interdisciplinarity is reflected inter alia in the annual workshops and events organized by the cluster, which offer members and various guests a platform for discussing their research results in the context of continuously changing topics.

Women’s and gender history has been an integral part of teaching at the Faculty of History and Cultural Studies for decades, with a wide range of courses on offer. The differentiated academic expertise on women’s and gender history at the University of Vienna finds vivid expression in research projects, research networks, and the academic journals based here (L’Homme, ÖZG, FrühneuzeitInfo, Historische Anthropologie etc.).