Supervisors at the Research Cluster East European and Eurasian Studies

  • Christoph Augustynowicz
    Habsburg relations to Eastern Europe in the early modern period; Galician-Polish frontier research; cultural history of Poland
  • Alojz Ivanisevic
    19th- and 20th-century Eastern European history; East Central Europe and Southeast Europe
  • Kerstin Jobst
    Eastern European history; Black Sea region, Caucasus region in the Russian Monarchy; empire and colonialism research; history of religion; history of tourism
  • Yavuz Köse
    History of the Ottoman Empire and of Turkey; history of consumption, tourism, and the environment; history of science of the Ottoman Empire and of Turkey
  • Claudia Kraft
    Gender history; cultures of remembrance; comparative history of law
  • Börries Kuzmany
    History of Eastern Europe and the Habsburg Monarchy; nationalism and minorities studies, Jewish history, urban history, border studies
  • Miranda Jakiša
    South Slavic literature and culture, history of the Balkans, Yugoslav literature and film, cultural identity, multilingualism, epic heroic tradition 
  • Gerhard Langer
    Rabbinic literature; Jewish-Christian cultural transfer; literature of Galicia and Bukovina; history and culture of the East Central European region
  • Wolfgang Mueller
    Soviet history; Cold War; foreign policy, history of diplomacy; history of perception; history of political thinking in Russia
  • Jannis Panagiotidis
    Migration history, transnational history, German and Central history, history of Israel
  • Fedor Poljakov
    Russian and East Slavic literature; Russian exile culture; history of science in Russia
  • Tamara Scheer
    Historv of the Habsburg Monarchy, military history
  • Oliver Schmitt
    History of Southeast Europe; fascism research; society and politics in the late Ottoman Empire; developments in the Albanian Balkans; Venetian overseas empire; late medieval history of the Balkans
  • Maria Stassinopoulou
    History of Southeast Europe with a special focus on Greece
  • Philipp Ther
    History of East Central Europe; transformation research; nationalism studies; ethnic cleansing; theory of history; comparatism and culture transfer
  • Marija Wakounig
    Diplomatic history from the Middle Ages onward; history of nobility and dynasties; scientific, economic, and social history of Eastern Europe