Supervisors at the Research Cluster Archaeology and Material Culture

  • Michael Doneus
    Historical archaeology; aerial imaging archaeology; landscape archaeology
  • Basema Hamarneh
    Late antique and early Christian archaeology
  • Barbara Horejs
    Prehistory, West Asia and Europe, late Pleistocene to mid Holocene, neolithization, networks, interdisciplinary fieldwork
  • Peter Janósi
    Egyptology; history of construction; 19th-century history; iconography
  • E. Christiana Köhler
    Egyptology; Old Egypt; prehistory and protohistory; archaeology
  • Marta Luciani
    Western Asian archaeology
  • Naoise Mac Sweeney
    Greek archaeology, disciplinary history
  • Gerald Moers
    Egyptian and Coptic literature; textual scholarship
  • Bernhard Palme
    History of classical antiquity; papyrology
  • Katharina Rebay-Salisbury
    Prehistoric archaeology; Europe in the Bronze and Iron Ages; archaeology of the human body and social identities; gender archaeology; archaeology of motherhood; kinship analyses; interdisciplinary bioarchaeology
  • Günther Schörner
    Classical archaeology – Roman archaeology
  • Lioba Theis
    History of Byzantine architecture and construction
  • Claudia Theune
    Historical archaeology from the Migration Period to contemporary history; cultures of remembrance