Peter Hinterndorfer

Peter Hinterndorfer




Studied History (BA 2014, MA 2021) as well as Prehistory and Historical Archaeology (BA 2014, MA 2019) at the University of Vienna; Since 2014 research associate in several projects on Contemporary History and Historical Archaeology; Since 2020 University Assistant (prae doc) at the University of Vienna.

Research Interests: Archaeologies of Internment, 20th Century Material Culture, Methods and Theories in Historical Archaeology.

Current Research Project: Spaces, borders and accessibility in National Socialist forced camps in the context of historical-archaeological sources 
The project will examine spatial differentiations and boundaries in Nazi forced camps. By means of a transdisciplinary approach involving a broad base of different source categories, the internal structure of concentration camps and forced labour camps as well as their embedding in the environment will be analysed with regard to accessibility and prohibited areas. The focus will be on the spatial perspectives and perceptions of the prisoners, the guards and the regional civilian population.


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