Johanna Drefs

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Studied Prehistory and Historical Archaeology (BA 2019, MA 2022) at the University of Vienna. My master's thesis focused on the former National Socialist forced labour camp in Hauskirchen, Lower Austria. From 2022 to 2023 university assistant (parental leave replacement) at the Institute for Prehistory and Historical Archaeology - involvement in some projects on historical archaeology. Since 2023 PhD student at the University of Vienna/Doctoral College for Historical and Cultural Studies at the University of Vienna.

Research interests: Contemporary History, Historical Archaeology, Archaeologies of Internment

Current research project: The visibility of women as internees in former National Socialist concentration camps in the context of archaeological material remains. Focusing on the example of the Ravensbrück women's concentration camp
This dissertation project aims to determine whether women are visible in the archaeological material of former National Socialist concentration camps/forced labour camps and how the material in the men's camps differs from that of the women's camps. The women's concentration camp Ravensbrück (Brandenburg, Germany) will provide an exemplary case study.