Humanities Slam 2023

What are you working on? – we encounter this question almost daily. But can we explain what we are currently researching on in up to 3 minutes? – and that in a clear, creative, and concise way?

If you think you can, indeed, join in for the Humanities Slam at the DSHCS Summer Party on June 20, 2023. Whether you are a praedoc, a postdoc, or a professor: you will have up to three minutes and no more than one (or better none at all) Power Point slide to aid you, but your whole rhetoric talent, creativity, and humor instead! Our host Peter Becker will take care of time-keeping and immediate rewards for the masterminds who manage to present under the time limit; and the public vote at the end will decide upon the most eloquent speakers.

To join in the Humanities Slam please contact by May 31, 2023.

Bilder vom Humanities Slam 2023