Late Habsburg Studies PhD Network

Ankündigung des Late Habsburg Studies PhD Networks

We would like to introduce you a research group of PhD students who work in the fields related to the late Habsburg Empire (1848 – 1918). The group aims to connect scholars at the early stages of their career across different disciplines, including history, art history, music studies, economics etc. We welcome everyone whose research focuses on the late Habsburg Empire timewise and spacewise, including interested scholars outside the University of Vienna or those not pursuing doctoral studies now. Similarly, researchers whose projects partially overlap with the proposed time frame are also invited to join. The Late Habsburgs Studies PhD Network does not intend to burden its members with additional workload besides the scope of our projects. Our main goal is to socialize, connect, and learn from each other on an informal basis. We believe that the more informal exchange of knowledge and ideas is an important asset to the more hierarchical structures of the university. We would like to offer monthly meetings of different formats, during which we will discuss our projects, relevant literature, archival research, or conferences and possible excursions. Additionally, we plan to organize an annual workshop for the members of the network. Importantly, everyone is welcome to introduce their own ideas and take initiative in organizing follow up meetings.

Our next meeting will take place on Mai 9th, 2023, at 6:15pm The exact location will be announced. Please let us know about your attendance in advance and do not hesitate to contact us for further information!

Daniel Gunz and David Smrček