DSHCS Wrap-up Scholarship

The DSHCS supports highly qualified fellows with a wrap-up scholarship to complete their dissertation.The program is aimed at fellows without funding and whose dissertation project is nearing completion. The scholarship amounts to 1.125 Euros per month and is awarded up to six months.


Funding of Fellows prior to the submission of their doctoral thesis.


Excellent Fellows of the DSHCS without funding, whose dissertation project is nearing completion, whose supervisor is based at the University of Vienna and who participate in the DSHCS's activities (e.g. regular attendance at one of the colloquia). 


1.125 Euros per month (no family allowances, health insurance, etc.). If the successful applicant’s income exceeds 350 Euro per month, the scholarship will be reduced by that amount.

Funding period

up to six months with an evaluation after three months. The thesis must be submitted no later than six months after the start of the scholarship period.

How to apply

twice a year (closing dates 31 October and 31 March)

Required documents (as ONE PDF-file)  

  • Completed and signed application form
  • Letter of motivation with a justification for the application for the final scholarship (max. 5 pages)
  • Structure and already existing chapters of the dissertation
  • Detailed work plan and time schedule
  • Curriculum vitae with details about previous academic achievements (e.g. publications, awards, or conference participation), and employments

Please submit your application via email.

Additionally, a statement of the applicant’s supervisor is required. The supervisor should send the completed and signed form directly via email.

For further questions contact us!