Your Profile on Our Website

We strongly encourage to have your profile on our website, since it improves your international visibility and furthermore fosters networking within your research cluster and the DSHCS. 

How to get it

There are two ways to get a profile on our website:

  • Send us the link of your continuously updated u:cris account. It is now available for all doctoral students.
  • You can also send the following information (in this order) as one docx-file and in English: name; email and other contact information; link to another page (personal website your profile at your department, academia, researchgate etc.); a short bio of your person (training, your current position etc.; not more than 1000 characters); research interests (approx. 250 characters); current research project (not more than 2000 characters); publications: three most important, additionally, we need a picture of you (size 200x300 pixel, upright format)

Please send your link or your material only and really ONLY to

In any case, it is of utmost importance to update your u:cris account on a regular basis!