DSHCS Digitization Grant

Archives: closed; libraries: out of reach; travels: stopped. Therefore, the Doctoral School of Historical and Cultural Studies funds the research of its fellows with digitization grants. The program aims at fellows who cannot go on a research trip at the moment or whose archives are closed due to the pandemic, but who desperately need access to sources and research material in order to continue with their dissertation project. The grant amounts to 200 Euro. 


promotion of the digitization of archival and research material relevant for dissertation projects


fellows of the DSHCS whose supervisor is based at the University of Vienna, who participate in the DSHCS's activities (e.g. regular attendance at on of the colloquia) and who have a profile on our website and who have no access to essential archival and research material due to the current pandemic and no other source of funding. 


grant; reimbursement after the presentation of original invoices

How to apply

on a rolling basis at your research cluster; please submit the completed and signed application form to the spokespersons of your research cluster. Upon digitization send the application form, the positive decision of the spokespersons along with the original invoices to the DSHCS dshcs.hkw@univie.ac.at

For further questions contact the spokesmen of your research cluster or send an email to dshcs.hkw@univie.ac.at or call 01 4277-40008