FÖP Workshop

Steinskulptur Theodor Mommsen, sitzend

The public presentation (FÖP) of your dissertation project is an important step towards your doctoral degree. You are expected to present your dissertation project for approval to the doctoral advisory board no later than one year after admission. You should also not miss this opportunity to get important feedback. This workshop will support you to prepare for the FÖP. You will learn about the basics of the FÖP and get tips and tricks to write and present your exposé from the DSPL and members of the doctoral advisory board. In addition, you will work on your exposé with coaches and peers and simulate the FÖP in a mock FÖP. You train to answer tricky questions, improve your communication skills and reduce stress before the actual FÖP.

The workshop is a combination of knowledge transfer, tips and training from and with experts. It is aimed at fellows intending to complete the FÖP in fall or winter 2021/22.


  • October 13, 2021
    The first session is full-time and held online. The DSPL’s head provides information on the basics of the FÖP and explains the process. Members of the doctoral advisory board share insight into the criteria they use to evaluate exposés and presentations and give valuable advice. Afterwards, you work on your exposés in small groups, each under the guidance of a coach (a fellow of DSHCS who has already successfully completed the FÖP).
  • November 3, 2021
    The second session is half-time and takes place shortly before the registration deadline for the second FÖP of the summer semester. You discuss the progress of your exposé with your group and your coach.
  • November 24, 2021/January 12, 2022
    These two sessions are each full-time and take place shortly before the second and third FÖP of the summer semester. Hopefully we can meet in person! On one of these dates, you present your dissertation project in a mock FÖP, to make yourself familiar with the situation. Peers and coaches provide feedback on content and presentation techniques.


  • Fellows of DSHCS who plan to complete the FÖP in fall or winter 2021/22.