Doing a PhD – the Best Time of My Life?! Demands. Organization. Self-confidence.

You are at the beginning of your PhD – an exciting time is about to start!

Getting your doctoral project started and steering it towards a successful defense pose a major challenge to everyone: Complex planning, difficult decisions, ongoing reflection and realistic (self-)evaluation require a wide range of reflective, organizational, and communicative skills. However, doing a PhD is a unique opportunity to grow as a person and to learn about your resources and potentials, to improve your self-esteem and to acquire additional qualification necessary for your future professional life.  

The workshop provides you with tools for planning and organizing your doctoral studies. In a guided exchange with your peers, you are invited to reflect on your doctoral project and its positioning in your field of research. Your will learn to assess your resources (time, money, academic experience, strategies and skills for self-motivation, -organization, -management, and firefighting) and to allocate them according to your plans. Case work, peer-to-peer exchange and individual feedback will help you to bring your resources, experiences, and ambitions in a good and productive balance.

The workshop’s success very much depends on your active participation: The more you get involved, the more you will benefit from the trainer’s input and the exchange with your peers. The intervals between sessions allow you to try out new tools and strategies (e.g. regarding time management, communication with supervisors, research strategies, networking, publication strategy, dealing with challenges such as impostor syndrome, distraction by media, job and personal life, writer's block, or the FÖP).

Target group

This workshop is for doctoral candidates who are at the early stage of their PhD and who are willing to develop a (rough) plan for their PhD to make the best out of it. Participants should be ready for self-reflection in this new situation and enjoy collaborating with their peers.

Dates & Venue

28.11.2022, 9:00-12:30
19.12.2022, 9:00-14:00
23.01.2022, 9:00-14:00, in Kolingasse 14-16, room 4.27


Lea Pesosi, MA, Bsc


Send the completed form together with a short letter of motivation as one PDF document to until November 13, 2022.