DSHCS Welcome Meeting

The DSHCS Welcome Meeting for new doctoral candidates at the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies provide an opportunity to get to know people from the DSHCS and the Study Service Center and to mingle with other new fellows. You can learn about the milestones and formalities of the doctoral program and the activities, funding opportunities and support organised by the DSHCS. Please bring any questions you have regarding the public presentation (FÖP), the doctoral thesis agreement or any other aspect of the doctoral program. The meeting is followed by a reception.


When & Where

12 October 2023, 4-6pm
room 4.25, Kolingasse 14-16, 1090 Vienna



For further information on the doctoral program see here.

In episode 1 of our podcast Doctor it! two members of DSHCS and ViDSS talks about their experiences of getting into a PhD program. From trying to meet expectations to managing their research time, our guests give us first-hand insights into what it means to go into your first PhD year. Julia and Quirin share their personal journey to the projects and positions they presently work in and provide recommendations to everyone out there embarking on a similar path into doctoral research.